Feature Stories

Feature Stories

SPORTS TRAIDER is helping to promote self-financed basketball short Diembe by film-maker Anderson West.

LUTON TOWN ACADEMY player Lewis Lodge, 15, is just one of the amazing people Sports Traider has helped. Here is his emotional story, as told by his mum Louise.

EBONY CLEMENTS has seen cancer cause plenty of tears and heartache in her life. But she has a chance to put smiles on people’s faces at the O2 Arena next month while still helping to battle the disease.

SPORTS TRAIDER volunteer and Hoops Aid assistant coach Jordan Blythe is 21 and suffers from the incurable disease Ulcerative Colitis. He hasn’t let it stop him.

BASKETBALL saved my life! Conner Washington is prime example why UK Sport should see sense.

LOGAN’S POEM, by Robi.