Our Values

Our Values

Our values were developed as part of our growth strategy in an attempt to articulate “the way we do things round here”. They are fundamental to everything we do at Sports Traider and underpin all our business activities, from developing future strategy and every activity in-between! Our values are commonly understood and shared by all our staff and provide the framework for all our recruitment activity, staff management and performance management as well as our dealings with customers and the communities in which we operate. There are four core values:

Acting responsibly and with integrity

We strive to show integrity in everything we do and to act professionally at all times; being accountable for our actions, treating others as we would wish to be treated ourselves and recognising our responsibilities to the community and the environment.

Striving for excellence

We always aim to do things better; seeking out innovative solutions, maintaining consistently high standards and aiming to be the best at whatever we do.

Building Strong Relationships

We believe in developing mutually rewarding sustainable relationships with our customers. suppliers and corporate sponsors by recognising the benefits of long-term partnerships and by doing our best to provide an exceptional experience and service.

Developing people and teams

Our people are the heart that drives our business. We value respect and help one another, encouraging everyone to realise their potential.