Lewis Lodge

Featuring Lewis Lodge

Luton Town Academy player Lewis Lodge, 15, is just one of the amazing people Sports Traider has helped

Here is his emotional story, as told by his mum Louise. “Nine years ago I was involved in a car accident, leaving me with serious injuries. At the request of my partner at the time, and for a fresh start, we moved from Brighton to Bedford. “I registered my two sons, Taylor (7) and Lewis (8), into school and started bringing up my daughter Harmony who was six months old. “But two weeks after moving to Bedford, I became a single parent, struggling to move about due to my disability and relying heavily on pain medication.

Lewis Lodge family” I became quite ill and my boys had no other choice but to help care for both me and their sister – this became a way of life to them. “They would help me get up in the morning and get dressed, lift their sister out of the cot and change her before strapping her into her high chair so I could feed her.”They would go to school and then in the evening, they would help to cook dinner and Lewis would help bath both Harmony and me while Taylor did his homework.

“Weekends for them were hoovering, mowing grass or pushing a shop trolley or a pushchair. “They missed out on so much growing up. Other boys their age were at Football & Rugby clubs and training at evenings and weekends. Or up the park with their mates. They looked after me and Harmony.

“At the age of 11 Lewis was spotted in school for his football and all of a sudden teams were taking an interest in him.
“He was asked to play for Luton Town’s Pre Academy. But life was becoming financially difficult for us at this stage as I was unable to work and had three kids to bring up on my own. “But I wanted to give the boys a chance at doing what they loved best – and most of these Academy ads are signed up at eight, an age when Lewis was too busy bathing his mum and sister to play football. “One day Taylor came home from school talking non-stop about a man that had come in and told their class that if they had a dream they should follow it and not let anything get in the way. “Taylor said: ‘The man was awesome. He makes what seems impossible, possible.’ “That man was Sports Traider’s founder, Lance Haggith.
“This time last year, Luton wanted to sign Lewis for another season, but I just didn’t have the funds to let him.

The petrol alone to Luton and back four times a week was just too expensive. “Then I found Lance’s business card on top of the fridge where Taylor had left it, and I emailed him this story. “He offered, with the help of The Embankment in Bedford to help fund Lewis’s football, because he thought my son deserved it. “We met and he told me about the charity and how it helps families like ours. I was sold instantly and I’m now one of it’s biggest supporters.

“Now, Lewis is still at Luton and has a number of big teams interested in him, I am happily remarried and working as a teaching assistant – and Taylor has just been selected for England Rugby’s Developing Player Programme.

“Without the help of Lance and Sports Traider, Lewis might have had to give up on his football and none of this may have happened.”

– Louise Campbell