#KitAmnesty is a year-round scheme that we are running with the help of schools, community groups and our corporate sponsors. It is a simple and effective way to recycle outgrown or surplus sports kit and equipment, by donating it to us so that we can use it to facilitate or fund the sporting activities that we run in the local community.

Individuals (you) can participate and contribute too.

All we are asking you or your pupils/members/employees to do is sift through your wardrobes, drawers and cupboards for any unwanted items of sporting kit and/or equipment and donate it to your local Sports Traider charity shop. We will supply cages or bins for collection purposes.

If you would like to participate in #KitAmnesty, whether as an individual or a group, or on behalf of a school or your company, then please contact us.

Thank you!

We are very grateful to the following organizations for their participation

The cages and bins that we provide for collection purposes are compact and conspicuous.