100 Club Membership

100 Club Membership

We found that many companies were asking how they could be involved in supporting the charity and were unaware of the tax efficiencies when donating to a charity.

In response to this we have setup the 100 Club which has many benefits, to name a few:

  • Priority tickets to our celebrity events
  • Brand exposure through the Sports Traider website and Social Media
  • Corporate advertising opportunities
  • Networking events – The chance to meet other fellow supporting partners

And finally not forgetting the feel good factor of supporting a charity that helps local children in the UK

To become a 100 club member, all we ask is for is a minimum annual donation of £1000.

For more information please contact us.

What does a minimum £1000 membership mean to the charity?

The following gives you a feel of how the money would be used to help Sports Traider achive the outcomes and help children with disabilities. learning difficulties or from disadvantaged backgrounds.

  • Coaching – 250 children would receive an hours worth coaching.
  • Sports Adaptive Wheelchair/Bicycle – £2000 on average (2 minimum memberships would pay for this)
  • Life Skills – Mentoring of 25 children with learning difficulties/disabilities

Education – In addition to the standard educational establishments, we provide safe and friendly environment through one of our many Sports Traider stores for young adults with additional needs. This enables the opportunity to not only establish key life skills in areas that may be lacking but also provide individuals the first steps in establishing a career.

Transport – Travel for children attend clubs who otherwise would not be able to due to location or means.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information with regards to how you can help make a difference to local based UK children.